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Working in partnership with registered housing and care providers we develop properties based on support needs as well as those seeking more independence.

Within our Specialist Supported Housing schemes these additional needs required can range from widened doors, wet rooms, low level kitchen facilities and specialist lighting for people with autism.

All our developments are of the highest quality to meet the needs of the people we house and in the best locations close to local amenities, leisure and employment to help promote independence and social cohesion.


Our requirements include blocks of apartments between 8-16 units  and commercial buildings that are suitable for conversion to C3 residential. We would also consider land with planning in place for C3 residential.



  • Built or partially built apartments

  • One or two bedrooms of approximately 450ft min size


  • Land required is between infill site - 0.5 acre

  • Existing or capable of obtaining C3 planning consent.

Commercial buildings

  • Suitable for conversion to C3 residential 

  • All of the above need to be close to amenities including, supermarket, pharmacy and travel links

  • Close to employment opportunity

  • Close to leisure facilities

  • Central town and city centre locations are preferable


If you have property or land that may be of interest please get in touch.

Development Sites
Mossley Hill Housing 
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